School Collaboration
                School Collaboration occurs when groups or institutions come together to establish an educative community. The educative community is composed of a multitude of educating entities and we believe that everyone in the community is accountable for the quality of education. Wings Robo Tech1 has partnered with some of the leading schools in All over India & Srilanka.

In their eyes, it’s a toy. In their hands, it’s a tool.

                 Wings Robo Tech1 - Solutions stimulate your children’s natural curiosity to explore together and learn through play. The safe, durable. Wings Robo Tech1 solutions develop your schoolers from where they are and give them the robotics skills to collaborate and communicate with the world around them; letting them discover their own capabilities and acquiring fundamental robo skills for school readiness and for life.

Ignite enthusiastic, effective and lifelong learning

                   Wings Robo Tech1 are naturally engaging to elementary students. When they are introduced into the learning environment they boost motivation. It’s through this active, engaged experience that Wings robo Education Elementary teaching solutions help you to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Grow critical thinking and creativity skills

                    Grow your school students’ creative problem solving skills and enable them to become the critical thinkers and creators of the future. These solutions enable students to understand challenging subjects, encourage them to develop critical thinking skills, grow their ideas, and make their own creations through playful learning experiences.

Our Network :

* Model that ensures stability, growth & profitability
* A highly effective Support System that ensures that you always stay ahead of your competitors
* Well-researched robot and practical lessons only
* Professional guidance

Robo Class at Your School:

Wings RoboTech MoU with the school (Once)
(Training will start immediately after receiving signed MoU from the school)

Wings Robo Tech1 will be Responsible for the following

* WRT Visual  Software (No Need Code Write for running Robot)

* School need not invest any amount

* We provide all robotic materials for robotic students.

* We provide teachers for robotics class

* Wings Team visit regularly

* If the School is interest, we contine next year.

* Provide Certificates with ISO - International
    (Global learing solutions provider  - Largest Network in India & Srilanka )

Does the school need to provide?

* Space

* Systems to program the robots.

                      The programme merits both independence and co-operation. You retain your identity while using the reputation of to your best advantage. Wings Robo Tech1 vast experience and expertise in the field of Robot education, is capable of offering opportunities to entrepreneurs to enter into a relationship of mutual benefit. We are looking for dynamic entrepreneurs who wish to be a part of the booming Robot Education industry. Pls mail to or   Fill the Form  
Wings Robo Tech1 - network program