Learning Environment @ Wings Robo Tech1 has state of the art infrastructure to offer a safe, secure and conducive learning environment to the children.

             We use 12V DC only for Children. Our qualified and experienced instructors regularly go through professional development workshops and training programs.

               As they learn new things, they will also be receptive to ever changing technology and get inspired to explore careers in science and technology.

               Wings handbook gives educators, competition teams, and community volunteers the in-depth training materials and other resources they need to provide a great robotics experience for students of all ages.

       &nbs                 The program makes an emphasis on practical trainings. Students will be able to design (Visual Program – Wings Robo Software) and to lunch a robot by themselves.

For Collegs :                 We offer customized training robotics courses for educational institutions. Basic understanding of automation technologies is a must for all engineering and Diploma students who are enrolled in the following branches of engineering.
• Mechatronics
• Robotics & Automation
• Mechanical
• Production
• Instrumentation & Control
• Electrical
• Automobile & Aeronautical Engineering

For Schools :
Grade I
* basics of robotics programming
* Robotics Tools
* Robotics Materials
* Basis of robotics software
* Working of LED, Buzzer
* Working of DC Motor & DC Driver
* Working of Contact Switch, IR Sensor and etc
* Micro Controller
* Analog and Digital Control * Analog and Digital Control
* Wings Robot Borad

Student Learning about Robot Grade I ower wind robo
* Manbot
* Man bot
* Controller bot
* Dancing bot
* Curve Follo bot
* Crane bot
* Drawing bot
** House bot
* Create Own Bot
Grade II

Grade III

Grade IV

Grade V

Wings Robo Tech1 - Robot Course Details