Wings Robo Tech1 is one of the leading robotic company in India and Srilanka with advanced technology... Technological change is high speeds in Robo education and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront of this development.

           We are provide robotics education from 3rd standard to 11th standard and Colleges students. Our fun learning environment will keep the student interested and explore the world of Robotic sciences.

A Child can improve the following skills (Wings Robo Tech1)
• Designing and planning
• Communication
• Independent Thinking
• Team work
• Concentration level
• Each student will progress to invention of atleast one Robot machine through logical, analytical and creative thinking
• Problem solver
• Good Understanding of Science ,which he/she would study as a theory in their schools
• self-confidence
• Handwriting Excerise

"They all believe robotics will be as important tomorrow as Robotics are today". – Bill Gates
This means all future scientists, doctors, engineers and researchers in applied sciences will benefit from learning about robotics....

            We are developers of training curricula and programs for either certification or degree in the field of manufacturing technicians. Our curricula include formation in manufacturing skills as well as the many skills needed in the intelligent systems industry which includes robotics, technology, communications, controls, etc.

            We encourage students to cooperate and respect each other. In addition, the Suffern Robotics Team gives presentations throughout the year to show our community the power of engineering. 

            We, the students, are the generation of the future and will become responsible to solve the problems of the world. With this experience, we can create a better tomorrow


Franchise :  We have various mode of tie-ups from which you can choose,  For Institue          For School



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